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Free workshops 2024

Introduction to building our well-being – for families of people with disabilities. 

Facilitator Jules Garland

In person session: Saturday 23 March 10-12.30 Remuera, Auckland

Online session:      Tuesday 26 March 7-9pm

These are playful sessions introducing evidence-based skills participants can use to support themselves to reduce stress, prevent overwhelm and build resilience. e.g. mindfulness, gratitude, overcoming negativity bias, mindful self-compassion. Participants may choose to incorporate some of the techniques into their daily lives to enhance their well-being. and to share them with family members. Jules will speak briefly about each technique and then the group will practise together. Afterwards, people will be invited to share their experience of the practice if they wish. Others who have participated in similar workshops and trainings have found them very beneficial.

Jules has a public health and health promotion background, has studied Positive Psychology, is a Trained teacher of Mindful Self-Compassion and works in the disability field. Having a son with autism and two other dear ones who acquired life-altering disabilities before they were sixty she knows how vital it is to focus on our own well-being as we look after and care for others. Jules has a deep commitment to optimizing her own well-being and on a daily basis practises meditation and yoga, walks, and connects with others. She spends time in nature whenever possible and enjoys fly fishing. She loves the way mindfulness and compassion can be kept in the back pocket and brought out to practise in the moment as we move through the day and is passionate about sharing these practices with others.

Jules Garland

BSc.(Hons) Psychology (Lon.)
MSc. Health Promotion (LSHTM)
Trained teacher Mindful Self-Compassion

Registration essential:



CA LOGOCitizen Advocacy Auckland Inc

A resource building programme to reduce stress and build resilience
For families and whanau of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder

The programme, adapted from Gabrielle Young’s Thrive, is based on the latest research from the following fields:
• Well being Science • Positive Psychology • Neuroscience
• Psychology of Change • Mindfulness • Compassion Science

The programme recognises we are all at different stages in our well being journey and our lives. The programme aims to inform participants about how we are wired and what actions we can take to maximise our well being regardless of our life circumstances. Participants will learn a wide variety of practices they can incorporate in their daily lives depending on what they feel drawn to and find the most useful.

Facilitators: Gabrielle Young and Jules Garland

Gabrielle Young has been facilitating groups and working with organisations, teams and individuals for over 25 years. In the last 5 years she has developed and run resilience and well being programmes for organisations. She is passionate about walking the talk and has re-orientated her life to ensure that she manages her own well being effectively including being in nature, connecting more with others and doing life enhancing work.
Jules Garland works in the disability field and has a son with ASD in his early twenties and so has direct experience of the pressures that can lead to feeling stressed when parenting a son or daughter with a disability. She has a public health and health promotion background, has studied Positive Psychology and is a trained teacher of Mindful Self Compassion. She has been thrilled to see the positive impact of her own well being journey on her son.

This is a FREE programme of three sessions. Participants in 2021 found the course extremely beneficial.
We ask that you commit to attending all three sessions.

Programme Dates 2022:

Session 1
Saturday 30th April 10–4

Session 2
Saturday 14th May 9.30-1

Session 3
Saturday 28th May 9.30-1

How to Register:

Please contact Jules Garland:  
027 625 7994  

Funded by Te Pou

Advocacy Skills
Developing advocacy skills to implement the UNCRPD one person at a time

This training is for whanau and staff of disabled people and for people working in advocacy roles in disability services. Relevant articles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities will be used as a bridge to the practical application of advocacy.

Topics include:

  • Essential components of advocacy
  • The place of empowerment and rights
  • Strategies for negotiation


  • John Armstrong and Bob Lee (both from Australia)
The day will be a mix of presentation, audience participation, story-telling, and group work.

Friday, September 13th, 2019. 9.30 am till 5 pm Mercy Spirituality Centre, 104 The Drive, Epsom
Lunch will be provided. Cost-free of charge thanks to funding from Te Pou

Places are limited. Registration essential.

Please email Jules Garland for further information and to register.

Customised Employment Works
Making employment a reality for people with disability


This workshop will be of particular interest to family members seeking to explore the potential of employment for their loved one with disability. 

Topics include:

  • Supported Employment
  • Work Conditions, Interests and Contributions
  • The Role of the Employment Specialist
  • Doing a Good Job  of Getting a Good Job


  • Milton Tyree

Saturday, October 1st, 2022. 9.30 am till 3.30 pm Somervell 

Places are limited. Registration essential.

Please email Jules Garland for further information and to register.

Past Events

Christmas Event
Sunday 27 November 2016

60 people attended our celebration on Sunday November 27th. A big thank you to Susan and Sue for allowing us to show the documentary film "Susan's Holiday" at our Christmas event. This professionally made short film is about Susan's first trip to the snow in Tongariro National Park that she took with Sue and family in winter 2016. Susan and Sue described the planning and saving involved and noted within the trip a number of additional 'firsts' for Susan such as eating breakfast out in a cafe, and staying a night in a motel. The film was very well received (note enthralled faces glued to the big screen) and many people said afterwards how inspired they were.


Relationships and Valued Roles
Saturday 30 April 2016 

Facilitators Jules Garland and Fran Hartnett
As part of the workshop we viewed the short film "Waddie Welcome and the Beloved Community" that illustrates one man's community integration through strong community relationships and valued roles. This story was told at the Social Role Valourisation conference in  USA in 2015. At the centre of the story is Citizen Advocacy. 


Citizen Advocacy Pot Luck Dinner

Location: All Saints Church, corner Ponsonby Rd and Cowan St, near Three Lamps, Ponsonby. 
Date:  Sunday 23 July 2017, 5pm.

We hope all advocates and protégés will attend and enjoy an evening of friendship and fun.



Workshop in Australasia for first time

“How to Function Morally, Coherently & Adaptively in a World that is Dysfunctional, Including its Human Services” 

Sydney July 3-9, 2017  more information


red xmas
Invitation - Citizen Advocacy Auckland


Alison - 50 Years Under the System


Strategies to Build Relationships -  Janet Klees

A Brief Introduction to Social Role Valorisation Theory - Joe Osborne

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From Cranky to Feisty: Difficult, Lonely Old Lady to Interesting, Engaged Elder 

Tom Doody from North Quabbin Citizen Advocacy USA   

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The Application of Social Role Valorization in Supporting People with an Intellectual Disability – An Overview -  John Armstrong, Senior SRV Trainer  

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